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Prometheus 2.37 LTS is released. This post explains what’s new in that release.


BY Julien Pivotto / ON Jul 14, 2022

Prometheus LTS

Prometheus 2.37 has been released and is the first LTS release. It will be supported for at least six months.

During these six months, the release will receive bug, documentation, and security fixes.

We are committing for six months initially, but when the experience is successful, we can extend the period to one year.

What’s new in Prometheus?

Rather than looking at the latest release, let’s round up the last 12 months in Prometheus.

New service discovery providers

HTTP Service Discovery

Prometheus now supports http_sd_configs. It is a generic service discovery, like file_sd_configs, that works over the network.

It enables third-party applications and providers to integrate with Prometheus service discovery mechanisms. Netbox is an example application integrated with Prometheus HTTP SD via plugins.

Other new service discoveries

Cloud providers:


PromQL changes

PromQL gained the ability to run negative offsets: offset -1h will look at the data one hour after query point.

A new @ operator enables you to select data from the start/end of the query range or any unix timestamp.

New functions: present_over_time, but also trigonometric functions.

Prometheus Agent

Prometheus Agent is a new experimental mode that turns Prometheus into a collect-and-send model, minimizing resource usage when local TSDB and rules are not needed.

UI changes

The legacy UI has been removed. The Prometheus UI has been revamped, with more search bars, better autocompletion, and the Prometheus logo has been added to the UI.

Operation changes

With --enable-feature=auto-gomaxprocs, Prometheus will adjust the GOMAXPROCS env variables based on container limits.

In Kubernetes SD, the own_namespace configuration option enables discovering only targets within Prometheus’ own namespace.

Consul SD can now read tokens from file, enabling its use with Vault Agent sinks.

HTTP2 with TLS can be disabled with enable_http2: false if your reverse proxies or your targets misbehave.

Labels and relabeling

Scrape timeout and scrape interval can be relabeled with the __scrape_interval__ and __scrape_timeout__ labels. It enabled configuring them per target.

There are new relabeling actions: uppercase and lowercase.

The tip of the iceberg

This list is incomplete and fails to surface the entire work being put into the Prometheus server & ecosystem. We have plenty of other new features and enhancements, and if you have not been checking out Prometheus in a while, I recommend you to have a look at the full changelog to get a better picture.

Support for Prometheus

While enterprises continue to adopt Prometheus, we also want to help them strive in their Prometheus usage. In addition to the LTS release, we provide professional support for Prometheus. It is a unique opportunity to get support directly from Prometheus experts and maintainers.


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